Engine Bay Detailing

The sign of a well loved, well maintained vehicle is often consistent with the presentation of the engine bay.

When choosing a secondhand vehicle to purchase, what do you look for? Do you check the log-books to see the service history?

To begin with, most buyers will do a walk-around, check for dents, scratches, wear and tear. Depending on the age of the car, buyers usually look for rust, stone chips, check the tread on the tires and things like that. They want to make sure that there wont be any nasty surprises that will cause them to require spending additional money. Other things they check are the colour of the oil, they might check underneath for signs of damage, oil leaks and so forth. The way a car drives is also very important: The sounds, the smoothness, the way it corners, does it blow smoke, do the gears change smoothly, does the steering wheel pull to one side.

Often, one of the last things that people will check before making a decision, is under the bonnet: the engine bay! But this does not mean it is less important than the others! An engine bay can reveal a lot about a vehicle. Are there stains from overheating, coolant spills, a build up of oil residue and dust? A beautifully clean engine bay might just be the last thing that tips a buyer’s confidence and compels them to pay you more than they otherwise might have offered. Ask Jack about an engine bay detail today!

You get a full engine bay detail with our popular “Point of Sale” Detailing package.