How To Remove Dog Hair From Carpet

Dog hair can be tricky to remove when it is entangled deep into the pile of your vehicle’s carpet. So what is the best way to clean it out properly?

This is a question that I get asked a lot, so I decided to make an article and video to demonstrate the process. See the video below:


  1. First try just using a vacuum cleaner in a Circular motion. If that isn’t giving you the results try step 2.
  2. Use a fine wire dog brush raking it backwards and forwards (remove hair from brush by hand). Then vacuum again. Should the desired outcome still not be satisfactory go to step 3.
  3. Use a rubber hair removal tube (available at automotive specialty stores or maybe a hardware shop). Rub it back and forth, then vacuum again. By now you should have removed it all. If there is staining or odours, it is advisable to have the carpets and mats steam cleaned.
  4. Or, if your vehicle is located somewhere near Hobart or Blackmans Bay in Tasmania, just call Jack’s Car Detailing and let Jack take care of it for you: 0418 121 211.

It is a time consuming process but the results can be rewarding!