Removing Vehicle Vinyl Wrap and Stickers

Removing vinyl wraps, stickers, signage and pinstripes from vehicles can be a time-consuming job, especially if they have been baked on to the paintwork for several years. Some of the poor quality pinstripes and stickers don’t come off in large strips either, they come off in tiny little pieces! Trying to do this with your “finger-nails” can be a slow, painful process! Let the experts at Jacks Car Detailing do it for you. Take a photo and send it through for a quote, or give Jack a phone call today.  See the before & after Decal removals video below.


If your car, ute, van or fleet vehicle has old, unsightly stickers, signage, vinyl wrap or decals that need removing, contact Jacks Complete Car Detailing Today for a free quote. If you would like to see your vehicle completely transformed, checkout our car detailing prices and packages. Call Jack’s Car Detailing: 0418 121 211.